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AND Luna

Company: AND Digital 

Disciplines: UX, UI + Product Design

The Objective

In line with the core values of AND Digital: Wonder, Share, Delight there was a need to help ANDi's (AND Digital employees) progress with their career growth. 

We believe in empowering people with the knowledge they need to unlock the full potential of technology.


The Solution

A digital platform giving full transparency of individual skillset including knowledge in tools and software, as well as business related areas such as:

  • Behaviours

  • Engineering

  • Delivery

  • Product

  • Design

The key objectives were to create a platform that would allow colleagues to:


Build a Career Growth Team to support your growth. Identify and learn through others within the company who hold the skills required to up-skill and plan time for personal development with line managers. 


Allow an individuals team or Career Growth Group to constructively review and feedback their performance at the end of a feature delivery, project,  or as part of an annual review.


Give kudos to team or club members via kudos badges.

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