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Company: Brolly

Disciplines: Branding

The Objective

Start-up broker BROLLY had its umbrella logo contested by an insurer and was seeking to crowdsource a new logo.

Brolly, an app-based insurance concierge service, needed a new logo which retained and captured the essence of a young, vibrany yet respectable start-up without being able to use any symbolism of an open umbrella.

Versions of the original logo, which 'looked too much like an open umbrella'

The Solution

Design a logo which both retains elements of an umbrella without it actually looking like an umbrella and evokes the same sense of fun + simplicity that the original logo instilled.

The failed pile after the digital brainstorming session.

The Result

A simple, fun, wordmark.

Clean, crisp, fresh whilst looking respectable and trustworthy.

The logo has 3 key features:


Resembles the handle of a traditional umbrella.


Includes subliminal smiley face.


When used alone as an icon.

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