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Company: Dexda (with think/do)


Role: Lead Digital Designer


Disciplines: Branding / Digital creative lead

The Objective

Lead the digital brand evolution for a new product.
Working with agency think/do and the lead product developer to help brand and humanize a product for commercial success at international 'Cloud Enterprise' conventions using design and UX skills.

The Solution

Using the versatile identity as a foundation, curate and develop a personality around the brand, from which the visual representation and tone of voice can be grown.

Example of personality development, exploring possibilities through use of existing well-known celebrities and characters from film or tv.

Use the personality to develop designs for the website and a creative strategy for the SoMe channels during the build up to the brand launch.

Design the livery and giveaways for use during the international brand release talks and events.

The Result

A succinct, fun, and memorable brand and launch campaign which turned heads and allowed the sales team to make positive connections with potential clients more easily.

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