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Email Design & Strategy

Company Debenhams 

Role Creative Lead, UXUI & Art Direction

The Objective

With transition from agency to in-house, build a design team focussed on improving company email communications to an expansive international audience database.

The Solution

Identify and categorise the Debenhams' many objectives for email, and improve them through creation of flexible templates. Align them with customer expectation, and establish workflow processes within creative teams so highly engaging content can be created.


Weekly stand-ups were run  with trading team managers to feedback weekly reports and establish priorities for improvements to each of Debenhams' email categories.


demand increase over Black Friday YoY

The Result 

A family of flexible modules and template style guidelines allowing designs to be built for variable company activity.

The new simplified templates saw engagement and demand increase in the first 4 months, with a +32% demand increase year on year across Black Friday week.

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