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Homepage Redesign

Company: Debenhams

Role: Creative Lead, UXUI designer

The Objective

With millions of online customers with varying needs, review, refine and redesign the Debenhams online homepage to make it easier to understand and update in a reactive trading environment.

The Solution

Working with the UX, SEO and trading teams, identify the key customer types and their needs to provide a simpler sectioned homepage which benefits both the customer and all areas of the company, across all digital platforms. 


Improved ranking against UK competitors
by 5 spots to #2. 

(eDigitalResearch - Nov 2014).

The Result

With no initial negative repercussions, the redesign saw visits increase to previously hidden areas of the website, with coverage of various company activity increasing conversion in the new inspirational editorial section.

Among other benefits, this increased the companies customer shopping experience ranking against UK competitors by 5 spots to #2. (eDigitalResearch - Nov 2014).

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