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Howden Insurance - Dashboard

Company: Howden Insurance - Hyperion X

Disciplines: UX, UI + Product Design

The Objective

We engaged with Howden, a 300 year old specialist insurance broker and part of the Hyperion Group, to create a suite of data products which would leverage, for the first time, a single source of data to provide the senior leadership with accurate and timely business intelligence.

This will make a huge difference to how we bring visibility on the business performance and will enable us to make better informed decisions indeed and more quickly.

Serge Thieret, CFO, Howden UK


The Solution

  • Collaborate closely with c-suite stakeholders to ensure that the data insights provided meaningful value to the end user and a clear understanding of the business health of Howden UK.

  • Help the client to see the wider and longer return on their investment, by demonstrating how the data product suite provided valuable business and end-user benefits.

  • Introduce and define a product ownership framework to ensure that the value of the data product suite could be consistently scaled and evolved as new needs and requirements emerged.



The KPIs


Takes away the need to go through 100s of document pages


No need for the user to manipulate the data

10s rule

See what it is the scorecard delivers to them – get it in 10 seconds

Create confidence

In the data and insights it provides

Enables easier conversations

Based on a 'single source of truthʼ

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