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Puma #IgniteReady

campaign concept

Company: Puma

Agency: Socialize

Disciplines: Creative Lead + Digital Strategy

The Objective

To coincide with the launch of the new PUMA IGNITE running shoe (as worn by the world's fastest man - Usain Bolt) devise a way to raise consumer awareness and ensure the sell-out of the 1,500 pairs allocated to the stores regionally within the UAE.

The Solution

Launch a regional social media driven competition aimed at runners and running clubs within the area, promoting the new running shoes and an opportunity to win a new pair.


The hopeful entrant will have to 'Run to win', registering via submission of a selfie with hashtag through a native app. Users are also encouraged to find out more via the microsite, a hub for all PUMA IGNITE activity. 

The App

Create an app that can only be activated by shaking the phone and creating energy.

When first opened, the user is informed that the app can't be activated until and energy has been generated by running / walking etc. The app will then track distance / speed / energy and notify the user once the app has deemed enough ‘energy’ has been used.



Promoted across all social networks, the competition

will use the # Ignite ready to track engagement, encourage
participation and raise awareness and engagement.

Example of app UI, directing the user to shake or run / use energy in order to progress through the app.

Once the first stage has been completed, the user has the opportunity to enter the competition via a post run  "selfie" submission to the IGNITE hub, and also to additional social channels.

Example of app UI, directing the user to submit a "selfie" and / or find out more about the brands new launch.

The Microsite

Create a microsite that can only be accessed with quick movement of the mouse around the landing page to create ‘sparks’ to IGNITE, to denote movement and energy.

It will act as the hub of all GCC PUMA IGNITE activity, where people can learn about the running shoe, view and comment on ‘selfies’ submitted for the competition, download the partnering app for their mobile device and find their nearest geographical Puma store.

Example of homepage interaction needed through movement of mouse / finger on track pad.

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